The diagnosis

Everything seems to be redone, let's see that...


 Excerpt from Kit Car Magazine of September 1984
Excerpt from Kit Car Magazine of September 1984

Before undertaking the renovation, a diagnosis should be made.

Under the hood

The 125 hp Ford 2.0i DOHC engine is presented by the brand's aficionados as the best engine Ford has produced for Europe.

It would be nice if this engine deemed immortal, we imagine its interior condition when we see that it has been repainted with a big blow, on the dirt, cables and hoses...

 Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC engine before renovation
 Spartan engine to be completely renovated

Indeed... we have to all restore…

 Spartan Ford Radiator test
The original cooling radiator is out of order, an aluminum model will be much more efficient.
It is not time for it to pose.

The inside

 Spartan dashboard before renovation

All elements are out of order, the dashboard has been massacred, everything must be redone.

Chassis and rolling gears

 Spartan chassis, rear axle and shock absorbers
  • The chassis is healthy, it will have to be cleaned and protected.
  • The rear axle lets out a noise coming from an abnormal play in its gears.
  • The 4 dampers are out of order. 
  • All elements of the rolling train are healthy but oxidised.
  • All bushes are cooked.
  • The brakes are leaking.
  • The steering has a lot of play.
Everything must be deposited.
 Ford front axle of the SPARTAN Roadster before renovation
 Control of the chassis, the running gear, the exhaust of the Spartan

The exhaust will have to be replaced too.

 Transmission of the Spartan before renovation

Time has passed by…

Different parts of the Spartan Roadster before renovation or replacement

The rust took place.

 Front axle of the Spartan before renovation

Everything must be sanded before receiving an Epoxy paint.

Dismantling of the Ford Spartan rear transmission
We disassemble everything...

The body of the car

Roadster Spartan renovation
The body of this roadser is made of aluminum, therefore no oxidation, but a complete paint will be necessary.
This will probably be one of the last steps, but before we get to this point, there will be work...

It’s hard to believe…

It takes a lot of imagination (and perhaps willpower) to conceive that this car can be, starting from so far away, as beautiful as that of the advertisement of Spartan Car Compagny witch already said, in 1985, "IT'SHARD TO BELIEVE" :
 SPARTAN advertisement from 1985