Replaced parts and work carried out

For sure, one day, The French Spartan will be as beautiful as Edward's Spartan (UK). Admire this beauty :

Beautiful Spartan
To get to this point, many parts will be replaced, here is their list :
 Many purchases were made in England. Now outside the EEC, this implies that customs duties must be paid for each transaction. DHL is very efficient at delivering, and clearing customs is easy with them.
Many purchases were made in England. Now outside the EEC, this implies that customs duties must be paid for each transaction. DHL is very efficient at delivering, and clearing customs is easy with them.
  • Rear indicator lens Ford Anglia - eBay
  • Kiloutou flatbed truck
  • Rear indicator lens Ford Anglia - eBay
  • Lens Ford Anglia - Tracauto 1950
  • Hub covers
  • Smiths meters and gauges
  • 2 chrome exhaust pipes
  • Customs Duties Smiths Meters
  • Rocker cover Ford Galaxy 2.0 DOHC
  • Digital tachometer
  • Polished aluminum oil collector + vent filter
  • Chrome fuel filter
  • Aluminum water radiator
  • Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC Silicone Red Ignition Leads
  • Fixing aluminum ignition cables
  • Aluminum maintenance weights
  • Tachometer modification Analog>Digital
  • Ford Cortina polyurethane front suspension bushes
  • Power steering pump
  • Front axle polyurethane bushes Ford Cortina Mk3
  • Steering rack Ford Sierra Cosworth 2WD - EBay
  • Battery connectors
  • Polished aluminum dipstick handle
  • Rear bushes Ford Cortina - RS Attitude
  • Steering ball joints Ford Cortina - BURTON
  • Ford Cortina rear brake cylinders
  • Ford Cortina rear brake shoe - Melun Retro Passion
  • Engine Painting
  • Ford Sierra gearbox support
  • Clutch Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC 125cv
  • Quiton Hazell EM670 Motor Mount - Oscaro
  • 2 Tapered Bearings Lm29749-29711 -123Bearing
  • 2 Bearings Ford Cortina differential axle
  • Spartan grille - eBay
  • Customs Duties / Burton Ball Joints
  • Wiring harness Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC
  • 2 power steering hoses
  • Sandblasting + Epoxy paint / running gear + rear axle + shock absorber springs
  • Customs duties on grille
  • MO CARS'S MECANIK'S + rocker cover modification
  • Engine lower gasket set Ford Sierra 849000/5411200 - AUTODOC
  • Ford Sierra high engine gasket kit 5028554
  • 4 Ford Cortina gas dampers - Burton
  • Duties / Burton dampers
  • Distributor Finger and Distributor Head - AUTODOC
  • 4 new MWS XW457C/2 15”x5.5” chrome spoke rims / le Bon Coin
  • 2 Girling brake fluid reservoir breather caps
  • 2 Lucas L516 wing pilot light support seals
  • RS194 and RS195 axle adapters + stainless steel nuts + stainless steel rim nuts + 1 rim XW457C/2 - Motor Wheel Service
  • Clutch / gearbox cable gaiter
  • Customs duties / MWS
  • 2 Lucas P700 headlights + 2 headlight seals, + 2 Lucas SLR576 high beam headlights - BETASET
  • 2 Lucas spf1969k mirror seals for Lucas 406
  • 2l polished aluminum windscreen washer bottle
  • Ford Cortina differential axle
  • Thermostat Magneti Marelli eon 6994257 - AutoDoc
  • 13” riveted wooden steering wheel / Car Builder Solutions
  • Enamel Steering Wheel Center and Bar Badge / Spartan Owners Club
  • DHL customs duties / wooden steering wheel
  • Cylinder head cover seal throat modification
  • Camshaft sealing ring 50/35mm Ford Sierra MK2 2.0i 125cv AUTODOC
  • Grille polishing - Custocrom S.L
  • Polished aluminium oil filler cap
  • Steering wheel hub
  • Siroco Bali heating 12V 55W 130m3/h 1.2Kg - GT2i
  • Brake master cylinder Ridex - Autodoc
  • Nickel-plated brass washers for the rocker cover
  • Windshield and frame
  • Customs Duties / windshield
  • Restomisation kit for 40 to 70 liters metal tank - Restom
  • Steering rack seal kit - Autodoc
  • 7mm wing junction JC426 -
  • Soundproofing adhesive bitumen plates 50x25cm x 10 units -
  • Soundproofing adhesive bitumen plates 50x50cm x 10 units -
  • Fuel tank sender Ford Cortina Mk3 - Motomobil
  • Fuel tank sender seal ring - Motomobil
  • MO CAR'S MECANIC'S custom crankset manufacture, left direction installation, firewall manufacturing, preparation, reinforcement, and chassis treatment, foot steps removal, anti-rust treatment from the interior of the chassis, front axle assembly, steering rack repair, anti-gravels supply.
  • Heated beige leather seats and centre armrest
  • Poelier M6 nickel-plated wide round head screws for fixing ornamental polished aluminum rods
  • Bearing 2 fasteners ESPFL203-SNR and Ball joint TSM020-C for steering column - 123roulement
  • High temperature paint COLLECTEUR 4070 / Black - Restom
  • Stainless steel rails for front sea
  • Gearbox MT75 / gear lever bushes - parts Ford 6182925
  • 32mm red silicone elbows and hoses for cooling circuit
  • Aluminium bulkhead hose adapter 16-16mm (5/8"-5/8") / heating
  • 2 round chrome side repeater flashing lights
  • Spartan enamelled grille badge
  • Steering column
  • MO CAR'S MECANIC'S Front axle stabiliser bar assembly, steering rack and pinion painting, Bushes installation and rear axle assembly, differential installation, modification and steering column mounting, gearbox painting and Bushes assembly, adjustment, modelling and installation of inserts for rear fenders, creation and installation of heating support, manufacture and installation engine ECU support, engine harness restoration and installation, oil filter, MOB115-000017/1 drain plug, ELRPC1850 oil sump seal, exhaust manifold seal, intake manifold seal, 4 spark plugs BOS0242232502, anti gravel, black satin paint, polyester resin, rear differential oil 80W90
  • Bodywork : complete renovation of the body of the car, wings, doors, hood, trunk, and rollbar
  • Denckermann water pump for Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC engine with sealing ring - A310837P - Autodoc 
  • FERODO DDF023 brake discs - Autodoc
  • Rubber tape thickness 2.5mm x width 22.5mm x length 6 ml: joint under aluminum rods
  • Polishing windshield chassis and ornamental rods - Custocrom S.L.
  • 2 chrome trunk hinges Hillman Imp. - Vintage Supplies LTD
  • 5 tyres Uniroyal 185/60R15 84H RAINEXPERT 5
  • Laminated windshield glass, custom cut and installation
  • Car radio
  • Headlight bowl kit x 2
  • Stainless steel headlight sling x 2
  • 3-point belt Black x 2
  • Black 2-point belt x 2
  • Fuel pipeline 5ml
  • Glove box lock
  • Front brake hose x 2
  • Rear brake hose x 2
  • Flector
  • Spi crankshaft joint
  • Ice washer pump
  • Fan trigger probe
  • Facet fuel pump
  • Flashing light type Lucas x 2
  • Chrome wiper blades x 2
  • Spartan Logo embroidery on headrest x 2
  • Chrome Shit knob
  • 2 custom-made parts to connect the hoses on the steering rack

(Updated on June 7, 2024)


In 1987, the year of the first registration of The French Spartan, an automotive spare parts wholesaler displayed the Spartan on the cover of his catalogue :
Spartan car on the cover of the 1987 Europa Cars catalog
Information taken, this specialist was even, at the time of Spartan Cars, " Authorised Coachbuilder of Spartan Sports Cars":
 SPARTAN advertisement from 1985
This specialist still exists, but unfortunately no longer markets Spartan-specific parts such as hoods or windshields.

At that time, he was a major player for the brand.
Double Europa specialist SPARTAN
Knowing that all Spartan parts were available at home leaves a dream in 2023...
List of SPARTAN parts available at Double Europa Cars at the time
Following list of SPARTAN parts available at Double Europa Cars at the time