Useful addresses and Acknowledgements

To restore an old car, you need to be patient to find the parts, and already know where to look for them.
The same applies to finding good services providers.

Classic car enthusiasts are always ready to give good advice or indicate good addresses, exchanges with them are always rich in lessons. 

It’s my turn to share here some excellent references, and thank those mentioned below for having been devoted, serious and reliable.

The specialist in the renovation of vintage cars, English cars in particular

The first bodywork elements and the engine arrived in September 2023 at Boutier Rétro Motors.

The car, naked, and all the parts will follow very soon.

It is Maxime and his team of specialists who will ensure the complete reassembly of the Spartan.


Several months of work are planned to, among other things, create the electrical wiring from scratch, nothing of which has been preserved, install the headlights, the Lucas long-range beams and all the accessories, design and manufacture the dashboard, change the steering wheel, renovate the fuel tank, put the engine back in place and ensure its startup, previously manufacture the custom stainless steel exhaust line, create the braking circuit and reassemble the brake cylinders, linings, the discs and calipers, install the hubs which will receive the new chrome spoke rims, redo all the interior trim, attach the front seats and design the rear bench, reassemble the windshield, the strips, make a custom-made hood, and of course reassemble the fenders, bumpers, and mirrors.


The list is not exhaustive, there is work!

I was able to admire theirs a little on some Jaguar, Bentley, MG, Mini, Morgan and other beautiful cars that passed through their hands, it is really of high quality.


Boutier Retro Motors

Boutier Retro Motors logo - Official auto repair garage of The French Spartan

1429 route de Beaucaire



Tel : 04 81 10 86 65

A specialist in car maintenance and renovation in Lyon

The Car's Mecanik's Team had worked hard to start the renovation of what will one day be the most beautiful Spartan.
Patrick, Jean-Marc, a big thank for everything you have done !
Garage Car’s Mecanik’s
Car's Mecanik's - First garage where started The French Spartan renovation

45 avenue de Chassagne
ZAC de Chassagne
69360 TERNAY


Tél. :    09 83 71 19 09
Mob :  07 64 07 96 50 

The club

The Spartan Owners Club is based in the United Kingdom, and its members, of witch I am part, are scattered around the world.

The Club has always been a creator of events and federates its members to participate in various events.

The club is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

SPARTACUS, the Club's newspaper, regularly informs members of all its news.
Thank you Martin for devoting, in December 2022, a page to The French Spartan in edition nº 45-4 of Spartacus.

Thank you for your encouragement in No. 46.1 of May 2023!

And thank you again for devoting 6 pages to The French Spartan in Spartacus edition No. 46.4 of May 2024.

Spartan Owners Club
Spartan Owners Club - Club of The French Spartan

The Dutch Club

With the many customers of Spartan Nederland (see article on the "Other anecdotes" page of this site), it was natural for a National Club to be born.
It was created almost 20 years after the commercialisation of the first Spartans on Dutch soil, and, in June 2023, the Dutch Spartan Owners Club celebrated its 30th anniversary.

A big thank you to the Club for sharing with me documents and information that illustrated this site.

I warmly thank Jan Smit for having devoted, in February 2024, a 20-page supplement to The French Spartan in nº84 of « De Uitlaatklep », the Dutch Spartan Owners Club magazine, to allow members to follow my work.

Mijn hartelijke groeten aan de leden van de DSOC ♥️

Dutch Spartan Owners Club

Dutch Spartan Owners Club - Club friendly to The French Spartan


Gerry, Aurélien, you who host this beautiful show broadcast on RMC Découverte, I warmly thank you for your touching encouragement.

Wheler Dealers France

Rencontre de Gerry et Aurélien qui encouragent la rénovation de The French Spartan
Encouragements de Gerry et Aurélien, Wheeler Dealers France, à Rémy pour la rénovation de The French Spartan
Translation : « Good luck to Rémy for the project The French Spartan ».


Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Epoque
FFVE - Fédération Française des Véhicules d'Epoque
FFVE Services


Suppliers :

- Ray wheels and hubs for vintage vehicles

Motor Wheel Service
MWS - Motor Weel Service - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Dampers, ball joints... for old cars

Burton - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Optical and other parts for old vehicles

Betaset - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Steering wheel and other parts for English cars

Car Builder Solutions
Car Builder Solutions - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Parts for collectable vehicles

Tracauto 1950
Tracauto 1950 - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Parts for old and sporty cars

RS Attitude 
RS Attitude - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Polyurethane bushes for old cars

Flow-Flex - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Watchmaker at the service of the automobile

Renotech - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Tons of car parts for vintage vehicles

Melun Retro Passion
Melun Rétro Passion - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Automotive : Chrome - Polishing

Custocrom S.L. - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Parts and accessories for motorsport

GT2i - Supplier of The French Spartan

- The international specialist in Italian cars, and not only...

Auto Bella Limited

A sales department that struggles to find the right part for you.

Auto Bella Limited - Supplier of The French Spartan

- The expert in chemistry applied to old vehicles


Restom - Supplier of The French Spartan

- Automotive technical products for maintenance and restoration

Tido - Supplier of The French Spartan

Dedications :

- The inspirational

Special dedication to Virginie and her Morgan dreams that gave me the idea and desire to renovate this old car.

- An enthusiast

The beautiful meeting of the Bon Coin deserves a dedication : Jean-Paul, from Var, a Ford Sierra enthusiast and a mine of informations, thank you for your advices !

You 🫵🏻

At the beginning of January 2023, two months after the release of this site, you are already more than 200 following the renovation of the Spartan.
Thank you, members of the Spartan Owners Club, suppliers, and enthusiasts, sometimes on the other side of the world, like Raymond from Guadeloupe, for your messages of encouragement.
Spartan car, miscellaneous information

As works progress, I give you news by posting on the relevant pages.

In September 2023, the Facebook page was created.

The Instagram page will follow at the beginning of October 2023.

In June 2024, 79 of you are following the renovation of the French Spartan on Facebook, and 460 on Instagram, Thank you!

A special thank you to VWBeetleAndME for its encouraging post and the beautiful message it conveys :

@VWBEETLEANDME / Instagram on June 15, 2024
@VWBEETLEANDME / Instagram on June 15, 2024