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Other anecdotes

Come on, in the bodywork !

It was under a superb September sun that The French Spartan left for the bodywork where its wings and hood are already being prepared.
 Departure of the French Spartan for the bodywork

Spartans, what is your profession ?

Ahou !  Ahou !  Ahou !
Here is what was hidden behind the Union Jack that covered each of the two doors of the Spartan :
The French Spartan and The 300
It's as mythical as the movie scene !

You’ll find a link to the excerpt from the film "The 300" in comment of this publication on The French Spartan's Facebook page.

Just for laugh about it :

My coachbuilder, a little upset at the scale of the task, and forced to design parts, informs me of his concern.

I answer him, like Leonidas :
Translation :
                 - Aurélien, what is your profession ?

- Well, that's exactly, it's not my job, so I don't know how to do it.

                  - Ahou, Ahou, Ahou !
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