Renovation of the car

The Spartan has a super nice look and we immediately want to pamper it, but its condition requires a complete restoration.
The engine must be removed to be fully disassembled, and many parts must be replaced.
On this occasion, it will be embellished with a painting and some shiny elements.
The few metres behind the wheel to reach the garage left no doubt, there is work on the steering side, the running gear, shock absorbers and the braking system. 

The interior must be completely redone.
The dashboard is completely dilapidated.
The exterior appearance is misleading in the first photos as the car is so cute, but there will be a lot to do here too.

Of course, a complete painting is planned, it will be the final touch, but it will also be necessary to resume the lighting, and put on pretty rims worthy of a beautiful English car.

The restoration work is really substantial, especially if we set ourselves the goal of making this Spartan as gleaming as the one on the inside page of the 1983 sales brochure :
 Photo from 1983 Spartan sales brochure
Let the renovation begin !

Engine removals

 Removal of the Ford Engine from the SPARTAN

Part per part...

Let's go !

 Spartan motor removed
The deposit in the lower engine housing was more like tar than oil.

Renewed, it now looks like that.

 Spartan Ford roadster crankcase

The engine will be renovated and completely repainted.

 SPARTAN Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC engine paint
 Camshafts of the Ford 2.0i DOHC engine of the SPARTAN

Can't wait to hear it turn like a clock...

 Spartan Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC Engine Crankshaft

The clutch will be changed.

SPARTAN clutch replacement, Ford 2.0i DOHC engine
 Clutch replaced on Spartan's Ford 2.0i DOHC engine
 Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC 125hp MT75 gearbox mounted on the SPARTAN Roadster
Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC 125hp MT75 Gearbox
The 2 engine mounts and the gearbox one will be replaced.
 Spartan Ford Sierra 2.0i Engine Wiring Harness

Some sockets seem to have melted, the electrical harness must be replaced.

The electronic ignition must be changed, and silicone cables will replace the original ones that had been painted red with a spray...
Replacement of the thermostat.

The engine bay

The engine compartment received corrosion protection before receiving new body elements.
 Spartan Roadster engine bay preparation
Galvanised sheets have been cut, folded, adjusted.
 Spartan Roadster Engine Compartment Renovation

The sheets will be welded and joined, before the engine compartment is repainted

Spartan Mk II Engine Bay Painting
A black corrosion-resistant paint was applied.
A second satin layer will protect this paint.
This will make it possible to highlight the different elements that will be fixed here.

The chassis

The chassis will be completely stripped before receiving a protective treatment.
Renovation of the Ford Cortina chassis of the Spartan


The frame is reinforced, some of its tubular elements are doubled.

 Spartan Chassis Reinforcement


Finally, the entire Spartan underbody is protected.

The steering

The steering is in poor condition.
The steering wheel can rotate 10 cm to the left or right without the wheels moving.
An electric power steering has been installed, while the 2-litre Ford Sierra engine is intended to receive a hydraulic pump.
The steering rack was attacked with a grinder by the former owner (for what purpose?) It’s needed to find another one, but it's becoming rare...
Cutted steering rack of Ford based Spartan
Cutting a steering rack, it was dared !

Here is à new power steering rack purchased at auction on eBay UK.

 Ford Sierra power steering rack for the Spartan

Unfortunately, it is not in the expected condition when purchased, its seals are leaking, and it will have to be completely reconditioned.

This will be explained in the anecdotes...


And here is a Ford Sierra 2.0i Power steering pump founded via « Le Bon Coin ».

 Power steering pump from Ford Sierra bought used for the Spartan


This polished aluminum power steering liquid jar will advantageously replace the original plastic. 

Spartan Ford power steering liquid jar

The running train

The front axle must be reinforced before starting with sandblasting and painting.
It will receive a new power steering rack.
It will receive a new power steering rack.
After this Epoxy paint, the parts are ready to receive polyurethane bushes that will make driving more pleasant.
Rear Ford based Spartan Bushes
The reassembly is being prepared...
For the front :
Ford Cortina steering triangles with polyurethane bushings for the Spartan
Ford Cortina suspension arm with polyurethane silentbloc for the Spartan
Reassembly of the Ford Cortina front axle of the Spartan

Like for rear :
Rear Axle for Spartan Ford Based
Ford Cortina Rear Axle for Spartan car

The dampers

Gas dampers will replace the original oil dampers.

They are set up on the front axle :
 Ford Cortina front Gas damper on Spartan Mk2
Then the front axle is back to the car :
Front Axle of Spartan Ford Based
Followed by the rear axle :
Rear Axle of Spartan car
Spartan Ford Cortina rear axle
New ball bearings will take place :
Ford Cortina rear axle wheel bearing from the Spartan
Prepared in this way, The French Spartan could have had its say on the circuits in the races of the time.
However, it is rather intended for peaceful walks on country roads.

The Tank

The tank must be deposited to be renovated, and in any case the operation is necessary to allow the restoration of the chassis.

dépose réservoir de la Spartan
The tank has superficial oxidation on the outside, but over its entire surface.
We will have to strip him, and apply protection to hit.
Réservoir Ford Cortina avant rénovation de la Spartan

Inside, it is surprisingly clean. Some slight traces of corrosion will be removed, and a special treatment will be applied, according to the Restom procedure to be followed very strictly.

Traitement Restom pour réservoir de la Spartan Ford
Restomisation kit for 40 to 70l tank (Ford Cortina = 54 liters)


The fuel tank sender is too oxidized, particulary its connections, and needs to be replaced.

Spartan fuel tank sender
Ford Cortina Mk3 fuel tank sender

The RESTOM treatment will be carried out by the BOUTIER RETRO MOTORS garage, then the tank will be repainted.
Restomised Spartan tank


The Mastervac needs to be renovated.
Spartan Mastervac before renovation
The servo brake will be completely decanted before being repainted.
Spartan brake servo cleaned and stripped before painting

The master brake cylinder shows signs of weakness, it must be changed.

Spartan master cylinder

The dashboard

 Spartan dashboard before renovation

Nothing is to keep, we drop everything off !

 Spartan dashboard disassembly
But really everything...
 Disassembled Spartan Roadster

Here it is.

The interior

Seats and other elements must be removed to allow the stripping of the floor before applying a layer of corrosion-resistant product.


 Spartan interior restoration
SPARTAN Floor Corrosion Protection
Soundproof adhesive bitumen sheets will cover all surfaces.
Later, pretty carpets will come...


The original heater and its fan, designed for the Ford Corina, were considered inefficient by observers at the time.
The system was too large, to the point of being placed in the engine compartment.

This heater is replaced by a Siroco Bali, more efficient and less cumbersome.
It will be placed in the passenger compartment, behind the Spartan's dashboard.
 Ford Spartan Roadster Heater
A polished aluminum adaptor will allow the hoses to pass through the firewall.
 Spartan Firewall Pass Through Heater Hose Adapter

The body of the Spartan

The bodywork is too substantial to enrich this page.
A new page is created to allow you to follow this work, and, subsequently, the complete reassembly of the Spartan :


The answer to the game on the Facebook page is : "The work of the coachbuilder in his preparation work"
Here is the complete work :
Response to The French Spartan's Facebook game

The rims

Impossible to keep fake spoked rims on a beautiful English car.
SPARTAN Roadster spare wheel

5 x 15" spoke wheels (spare wheel required) will embellish The French Spartan.

MWS Spartan spoked rims