Renoved parts

Before / After

Already in 1974, the Spartan aroused passions...
Spartan in the headlines in the specialized press

Changing some parts of an old car is sometimes insufficient, it is often necessary to give the original parts a shiny appearance, to emphasize the features of a beautful mechanic.

This involves cleaning, stripping, polishing or painting.
The restoration of a vintage car requires meticulous hours of work.

Admission collector

Ford Sierra 2.0i EFI collector before renovation
The French Spartan Admission Collector © - Ford Sierra Collector EFI

20 hours of polishing will have been necessary.

Injection ramp

The French Spartan injection ramp before restoration
The French Spartan injection ramp ©
Again, it took hours of polishing !

Spare wheel fixing

Polishing, lustre, again and again...

The pedal box

Spartan crankset before renovation
Spartan crankset after renovation

The grille

The original grille has been drilled with 3 holes on each side to be attached to the bodywork, but it must be fixed in the lower and upper parts to the chassis and hood by its massive cuts provided for this purpose.
What an extraordinary chance to have found a Spartan grille in England to replace it.
Spartan Grille before renovation
The news is well pricked, and hours of hand polishing did not achieve a satisfactory result.
The grille goes to Spain to a polisher specialising in the renovation of car parts.

Here is the job of Custocrom S.L. :


A new, more aesthetic grid has been custom-made, it goes into bodywork to be treated and then painted in satin black, as originally.

Front grille for the Spartan
Grille of The French Spartan