Bodywork and Reassembly

It was announced in August 2023 that the renovation of the Spartan would take a new turn in September.
It started with his passage in the bodywork, you were able to follow the main steps on the Facebook page, the details are below.

As they leave the bodywork, the shiny parts leave for the new home port of the Spartan in order to be reassembled.
If it is necessary to reassemble everything, many parts of the car still need to be renovated, adapted, replaced or even manufactured.

It is now in a garage specialised in the renovation of vintage and vintage cars, English in particular, that all these operations will take place.

The objective is to get closer to this roadster presented in 1983 by Spartan Car Compagny  :
 Model presented by Spartan in 1983

The body of the Spartan

The body parts are cleaned before they leave for the bodywork.
Spartan Body Cleaning
However, the complete painting of the Spartan is not for now, there is still a lot of work before reaching this stage, but we are preparing it…
 Spartan body preparation
September 4, 2023, the wings and hood of the Spartan are being prepared at the bodybuilder.
The bodywork, naked on the chassis, will arrive on Saturday to be also dentled, adjusted, primed and painted.
 Spartan body preparation

The French Spartan has arrived at the bodywork where it took place, the renovation continues.
The French Spartan in bodywork

The 4 wings received an internal anti-gravel treatment :
anti-gravel protection for the Spartan wings

The front wings were prepared, before being sanded again :
 Sanding the primer before painting the Spartan

It's time for the rear wings to be sanded, puttyed, and sanded again :
 Spartan rear wing before painting
Before also going into the cabin to receive a primer :
applying a coat of primer before painting the Spartan
And they will be sanded again before painting...
Bodywork on the Spartan

The windshield has been removed, work on the car will begin.
The French Spartan in bodywork
The trunk will be prepared, the inside of the wings is protected to go into the cabin.
Spartan body renovation

…Tadam !!!  Here is the red :
 Red paint of The French Spartan - Red Spartan

The hood panels are dentled, sanded, they will be prepared, sanded again, and then painted :
 Spartan Hood
preparation before painting the Spartan
Spartan Red Paint

Do..., and redo...

I thought this work was finished, but it was without counting on the requirement of the bodybuilder who noted imperfections in its realisation, and decided to redo these 3 parts :
Resumption of bodywork on the Spartan
New Spartan paint
Spartan Hood Renovation

The doors were removed, stripped, the aluminum sheets detached from their frames to be prepared.
The amounts will be pickled, then treated against rust, primed, sanded, and finally painted in red. 
Spartan body repair
Stripping the Spartan chassis
Treatment of Spartan door frames after stripping, anti-rust, priming, painting
The sheets were stripped and straightened before receiving aluminum protection, primed, sanded and painted.
The doors will be sanded again before being put back on the car, and will receive a second coat of paint with the car.
First coat of red paint on the Spartan doors

Work on the car itself has begun.
Spartan Body Restoration

Between the dashboard and the windshield was fixed a kind of unsightly empty pocket.
This one camouflaged a big hole that had been made wildly to probably create an air inlet from the heating.
Wrongly placed, and also badly done, it is necessary to close this hole by straightening the aluminum sheet that had been opened like a can.
Discovery during the renovation of the Spartan
 Spartan Repair
Big work for this shaping of the aluminum sheet.

Pickling, straightening and sanding continue.
We discover that, when the Spartan had been repainted, some blows had been chewed rather than straightened sheets.
The mastic amalgams are removed, and the sheets are manually reformed according to the rules of the art.
They will receive a special treatment for aluminum, before being primed and then painted.
Exposing the Spartan's aluminum sheets

The rivets that fix the sheets to each other will be replaced :
Spartan Body Rivet Replacement

The Spartan has received a special protective layer for the aluminum :
Special protective layer for Spartan aluminum
Then she receives a primer :
Application of primer before painting the Spartan

The Spartan will now be fully sanded before returning to the cabin.
The French Spartan before sanding the primer

The rivets have been replaced, she has been degreased again, here she is back in the cabin, wrapped, ready to receive her first coat of red paint !
The French Spartan ready to be painted

!!!  Red is back !!!
The French Spartan finally red
First coat of paint
The door frames were reassembled on the car, their freshly painted sheets sanded again before being put back in place and riveted.
The rivets will receive a special primer before the whole is painted again.
Fitting Spartan doors before painting


The pickling of the a roll bar has begun.
The steel crossbeam will receive an anti-rust treatment and will be painted in black, the aluminum side uprights will be polished.
Stripping and preparing the Spartan roll bar
Spartan Hoop

It was the last part to paint.


The protections are removed.
The bodywork works are finished.
The Spartan is ready to go... to the reassembly !
 Spartan out of bodywork

The Reassembly

Here we go, still with the 1983 sales brochure as a source of inspiration :
Excerpt from the 1983 sales brochure
Excerpt from the 1983 sales brochure

Under the hood

The engine, power steering tank, oil recuperator and windshield washer reservoir have been put in place.
 Installation of the Ford Engine in the Spartan

The water pump has been replaced.
Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC water pump for the Spartan

The exhaust collector was sandblasted, repainted with the product RESTOM Collector 4070, and reattached to the engine.
SPARTAN Ford Exhaust Manifold

The aluminum radiator has been installed.
 Spartan aluminum radiator
For technical reasons first, but also aesthetic, the radiator will be adjusted to be advanced and mounted on silenblocs.
The fan will be discreetly positioned at the rear, in suction mode.
 SARTAN radiator
 Mounting the SPARTAN radiator + fan
The silicone hoses connect the radiator, and the heating.
Silicone hose for the Spartan radiator
Spartan silicone hose
Spartan hoses
 Spartan heater hoses

The tank

The tank was treated with RESTOM products, repainted, then put back on the vehicle.
Renovated Spartan Ford Cortina tank


Discs are changed.

Spartan brake discs
Spartan brake disc replacement
The drums were sandblasted and repainted, the master cylinders and fittings replaced.
Renovation of Spartan brake drums
The brake system is completely redone, according to the rules of the art.
Spartan Brake System Replacement
Creation of the braking circuit
 Spartan braking system
Spartan brake hose
Brake hose

Reassembly of the body

The rear wings are back in place.
Reassembly of the Spartan body
The bumper was treated and straightened. The trunk has been reassembled. The chrome of one of its hinges is particularly stitched, new ones have been ordered and they will be replaced.
Spartan trunk and bumpers
chrome trunk hinges Hillman Imp.
Hillman Imp hinges
A chrome valve cap nicely closes the fuel tank.
Spartan chrome fuel flap cap

The front wings have returned their place, the hood will follow :
 Assembling the Spartan
 Reassembly of the spartan
The French Spartan regains her good face
The polished chopsticks surround the Spartan again.
 Polished Spartan Wands
Polished aluminum strips mounted on the Spartan

Rubber coatings are customised to dress the steps.
They will be glued soon.
Spartan Running Boards


The electrical harness must be completely customised.
The first elements that will compose it have just been delivered to Boutier Retro Motors, it will be created and implemented soon.
 Creation of the Spartan electrical harness
Spartan Made in England indicator
Spartan lighting
Spartan taillight
 Spartan Reverse Light
Spartan License Plate Holder
 Spartan side indicators
Spartan additional Lucas headlights
Spartan turn signal
 Spartan headlights

The dashboard

A model of the dashboard is sketched…
 Spartan Dashboard Design
The panels are cut, drilled and adjusted.
The dashboard itself will be trimmed to match the seats and door trims.
The central part will be made of black granite aluminum, to hightlight out the Smiths metre and rev counter with their white background.
 Cutout of the Spartan dashboard
Manufacturing the Spartan dashboard
Adjusting the Spartan Dashboard
Manufacturing and upholstery of the Spartan dashboard
Spartan dashboard meters
Spartan dashboard
Dashboard, before installation of lights and buttons
Spartan glove box
Spartan new dashboard

Hubs and Rims

Spartan hubs
Spartan MWS chrome rims

In February 2024, hubs and rims will be installed on the Spartan.

The tires have been mounted, the wheels balanced, and in mid-March 2024, the Spartan is again placed on its wheels !
 The French Spartan put back on its wheels

The support for the spare wheel was manufactured and fixed to the trunk.

The wheel took place with its characteristic big central Spartan nut, a pretty piece of aluminum foundry.
SPARTAN spare wheel