The driving

Apologies to my english friends

The decision was difficult to take :
  • Keep the pure English style by keeping the drive on the right.
  • Think safety first and favour visibility adapted to French roads where you drive to the right, and also favour the comfort of taking a parking ticket or toll without getting off the car, and passing the steering wheel to the left.
Dilemma !
It seems more prudent to look at what coming in front if there was a need to pass a vehicle, without having to put the Spartan in the middle of the road for that.
The French Spartan's driving will pass to the left.
So sorry my friends 🇬🇧
It's going to require some improvements all this...
Spartan Roadster full renovation
Welding of Spartan reinforcements

Rod and spherical bearings are replaced.

Spartan rod and spherical bearings are replaced
The steering column is restored and put back in place. It will be hight adjustable.
 Installation of the steering column on The French Spartan
The steering wheel hub is about to be replaced.
Without a precise reference, you have to measure the diameter of the steering colun, and count the splines.
 Spartan Steering Stem diameter measurement
As for the steering wheel itself, it will be wooden, riveted, and English, of course !

 Here it is:

Spartan wood steering wheel
With a steering wheel on the left, this Spartan will be decidedly unique.