The Spartan was ranked among English sports cars, and some distinguished themselves in racing.
The Spartan, a British sports car

«  The Essence of an English Sportscar »

This is the title that SPARTAN CAR COMPAGNY even gave to its sales brochure in 1983.

It is in Australia 🇦🇺 that I found this documentation has become rare :
The Essence of an English Sportscar - SPARTAN -  1983 Spartan Car Compagny sales brochure
Today, use in walk mode seems more appropriate.
You can meet some of them on the roads, or you can see them at collection car gatherings where they are still as passionate as at the time :

The National Spartan Day of 1985

That year, 59 Spartan were exhibited at the Billing Aquadrome for the eighth national rally of the Spartan Owners Club, as reported by Kitcars and Specials in September :
National Spartan Day
At this event, the most beautiful Spartan among those presented was this little jewel :
Winner Spartan

British Spartan Owners at the Motor 100 in Nederland

The agreement was excellent between Spartan Car Compagny, the manufacturer, Spartan Nederland B.V., the Dutch importer, and the English and Dutch Spartan owners clubs.

It was with pleasure that dozens of English owners of Spartan left by convoy on August 5, 1985, for a 15-day trip to Holland.

Alongside their Dutch counterparts, they participated in the Motor 100 rally.
Spartans at Motor 100

Spartan Cars at the Racing Car Show

In its time, Spartan Cars participated in events, such as the Racing Car Show where an appointment was given in January 1975 for this 12th issue :
Spartan Cars to The Racing Car Show
Over the evolutions of the Spartan, each improvement could be admired :
Spartan Car Company Exhibition

Nowadays, the Spartans still in circulation are often warm in their owners' garage, waiting for a Sunday walk, an outing from the Club, a gathering or a road trip.
This is the case of Denis' superb blue Spartan :
Spartan in the garage

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