The Spartan was ranked among English sports cars, and some distinguished themselves in racing.

«  The Essence of an English Sportscar »

This is the title that SPARTAN CAR COMPAGNY gave to its sales brochure in 1983.

It is in Australia 🇦🇺 that I found this documentation has become rare :
The Essence of an English Sportscar - SPARTAN -  1983 Spartan Car Compagny sales brochure
Today, use in walk mode seems more appropriate.
You can meet some of them on the roads, or you can see them at collection car gatherings.
In its time, Spartan Cars participated in events, such as the Racing Car Show where an appointment was given in January 1975 :
Spartan Cars to The Racing Car Show
Over the evolutions of the Spartan, each improvement could be admired :
Spartan Car Company Exhibition

Epoqu’auto Lyon

44rd international exhibition
10, 11 & 12 Nov. 2023 Eurexpo Lyon


Spartan Owners Club weekend

16-18 june 2023

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